It all starts with a conversation.

TalentConnect isn’t just access to a national database of anonymous workers. The success of our process hinges upon making precise, carefully calculated matches that benefit all sides of the equation. That’s why it all starts with a conversation. It begins with us listening to you: your business, your needs, and even your company culture, your plans, hopes, and dreams.

That’s because only by truly understanding what you’re about can we find the right people… the kind who will work to help your business thrive and grow.

Finding you a great fit.

After we take the time to understand your business, the search for top talent begins. Teams of recruiters armed with industry-specific knowledge get to work and don’t stop until they’re satisfied they’ve found exactly who you need.

How do they do it? Again, it’s all about relationships and understanding the business you’re in.

Simply put, your TalentConnect team will draw upon an extensive access to the best talent. We work with employees in key areas such as logistics, automotive, sales & marketing, hospitality and IT. Our ongoing relationships with talented people in these industries drive the whole TalentConnect process.

Offering you the unique TalentConnect screening process.

Decades of experience ensure that our time-tested screening process works to place only the most qualified candidates. The employees we match are ambassadors for our company, so we’re careful to only send out the best! Whether you run a fleet of trucks, manage a luxury hotel, or oversee squadrons of IT workers, you can expect quality employees when you partner with TalentConnect.

Placement is only the beginning.

Once your new hire(s) have been placed, it’s only the beginning of our relationship with you. Remember: these are our ambassadors and we want to make sure they’re doing their jobs well! We’ll stay in touch, offering amazingly fast response to any post-placement needs you may have. Your expectations need to be met so we know we’re continuing to deliver on all our promises.

And as your company grows, we’re there at your side. By staying connected, we develop an even deeper understanding of your business and your hiring needs. So when it’s time to switch things up or scale up, we’re ready when you are!

Grow with Us

What people are saying about TalentConnect:

  • Engaging, dependable and high in integrity. I find Talent Connect and team to be very engaging, dependable and high in integrity. They have identified several people for our company successfully. As a global packaging distributor, we often times require our staff to have a multi-lingual component. Talent Connect delivers. Additionally, when I was in need of immediate short term staffing assistance; team at talent connect was quick. it’s always a pleasure to recommend them as an accomplished agency. —Smit Jani Director, Pouch Makers Canada

  • Talent Connect team is diligent, responsive and true partners in talent acquisition. It's been a pleasure to work so closely with them. At times, there are some tough roles to fill and team never gives up. They are 100% committed to finding the right fit for the candidate and the company. — Mitali S. Director (Custom Food Packaging)

  • I continue to be impressed by TalentConnect's professionalism and their ability to effectively place top talent in our organization at all levels. I would highly recommend Talentconnect as a reputable, best-in-class and value-added business partner to any organization or industry. — Anna G, Business Development Manager.(Food Industry)

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